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thank you :D

Thank you very much. Looks great! Cheers from Brazil!

I enjoyed it. Really interesting story and the graphic style is fantastic.

I like this game, intelligent characters, intelligent conversations, reminds me of game of thrones

Just a Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings wannabe. Not recommended!

what's wrong with that???

Hey, I've found a bug/exploit in the current version of the game:

When you talk with the quiz wizard that you meet in the Tournament Area at night, he immediately gives you 99999 gold points. If you choose to take the quiz he properly charges you 900 gp, but if you decline or fail and then talk to the wizard again, he gives you another 99999 gp. Thus, if you keep talking to him and declining taking the test you can virtually get infinite money.

I mean, I know that these wizards are supposed to be eccentric and whatnot, but I'd venture that this is not intended.

On another note, a very nice game, I must say. An engaging story and a satisfying power progression. I'm really enjoying it so far.

Thank you for reporting the bug. We'll look into it and fix it. :)

Thank you for your quick response and assistance. And again, congratulations for a very beautiful game.

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Hey, I've just found another issue:

After meeting the quiz wizard (which was after the cutscene of the meeting with Elene) I noticed when returning to the inn that the yellow arrow that pointed to the Elene meeting area was still present, so I went there and then something funny happened: it all looked like the begining of the Elene meeting cutscene (Elene was there looking towards the water and Leonardo wasn't in the scene yet) but it didn't advance at all. I thought that the game was frozen, but after seeing that I could enter the menu and seemingly move the "camera", I soon understood that what happened is that Leonardo's sprite had disappeared; I was just controlling a "disembodied" Leonardo.

I also tested playing like this: you can't interact with "frozen" Elene, but you can talk to the innkeeper and go to bed as usual to progress the story (as long as you manage to navigate through scenery obstacles while invisible), and only after the Luna cutscene and battle Leonardo becomes visible again. I also found out that if you enter the Tournament Area just before the Luna cutscene you can't return to the main map at all, but I don't really know if that's related to Leonardo being invisible or if it's a bug on its own.

We'll look at it thoroughly and fix it ASAP. Thank you, much appreciate! Glad you're enjoying the game. :)

I thought this game was really cool but it’s really frustrated me trying to find all the secret places

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It’s a fairly good CRPG with certain weak points. However these weak points dont subtract much from the experience so the end result is still a very fun and enjoyable game.

Effin awesome game. I recommend this to everyone who enjoys indie RPGs.

Really addictive game that got me hooked. It's all about story and exploration and discovery.

Interesting story and characters and worth every penny IMO especially if you're a fan of story-rich RPG and Zelda gameplay.

This is actually a great game. The story is actually surprising good for an indie game, better than many AAA games. The story doesn’t treat you like a little kid watching cartoon, good vs evil stuff, kill the boss and the end.

How do u get the rhyna ending?

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The endings really just depend on your choices during gameplay. :)

Great game in many aspects but i think it's a little unbalanced.

Tried the demo! Loved it so far. Good fun and easy to play.

Things warming up after the intro and tutorial. Fast paced RPG and it’s fun

So many badass characters in this game. I love watching Leonardo improves from a victim into a badass fighter. The graphics are admittedly a little dated but I find that charming in an age where everything is either hyper realistic or 1980s arcade retro. The story and the music is where this game really draws you in.

As a Visual Novels fan I absolutely LOVE this RPG !

I loved this game. The more I played the more it grew on me

I really liked this game. Well written and entertaining.

Got the game yesterday. Finished today. One of the best RPG experience I had. Required some patient .