Ice Spyridis, the protagonist of the Mysteries of Shaola series

Ice Spyridis, the Investigator of the South, is one of the Magnificent Five, a title that folks gave to the five most famous characters who achieved greatness in their respective fields. He works for the Iron Eagle (IE), the world’s oldest and most secretive organization of spymasters, and is widely considered the current top investigator in Shaola.

Ice is resilient, brave, wise, and an experienced fighter. He possesses great intelligence and an uncanny ability to pay attention to the smallest details and detect lies and errors.

When people think of the Magnificent Five, they usually think of dominant fighting ability. However, Ice does not strike people as a dominant fighter who overwhelms opponents.

He does not possess super strength or fancy skills. What he does have are intelligence and experience. He is a cunning and clever fighter who calculates every variable during combat.

Before joining the IE, Ice was a vagabond and adventurer who wandered everywhere and fought everyone. While he has not had many convincing knock-outs, he finds ways to win.

Ice does not win every battle but he remains undefeated because he has never been beaten in a one-on-one fight. Many great fights ended up in a draw, and foes became friends after hacking at each other for hours.

Sometimes he faced multiple strong enemies at the same time but he always managed to escape even if he could not defeat them.

There are rumors that Ice is the only fighter who’s ever fought the other four of the Magnificent Five, although he did not win any of these fights. Either they ended up in a draw or he managed to escape successfully. Therefore, he is ranked last and is considered the fifth-best fighter within the Magnificent Five. However, none of them ever confirmed those rumors.

Ice can be a bit cold or lukewarm. He traveled alone before joining the agency, and he still operates alone most of the time. The agency offered him many talented sidekicks and assistants, but he refused. He prefers to operate alone, doing things his way. He does not like sidekicks and prefers to live a lonely life.

People spread different rumors about his roots. They really want to know where he comes from. Some suspect that he was an exiled prince from a different kingdom or that he was the Zudan king's bastard son. Others suspect that he was a former assassin.

There is just something mysterious about Ice that people just want to gossip about. He himself has never confirmed any information nor said anything about his past. Thus, all those rumors are just that, rumors.


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